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The long journey to nowhere

2 August 1978
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Well, let me add to this, what stuff keeps me busy from time to time, so it'll give a little input about this collecton of raw material, I'd like to call me :-):

Movies: Blood In Blood out (gotta love that chicano spanish in that movie, made me buy a chicano spanish dictionary :-D); Lord of the Rings 8as a fantasy geek, at least till now that was, this movie is some good kick in the ass); The Big Lebowski (well, on of my favorites for sure); MAtrix (it puts a nice little spin on suicide); School Rock 8some laughs and some good music where in it); Underwold 1&2 (well I love Werewolves and Vampire aren't that shabby either); Passion of Christ & Apocalypto (both movies are the same to me almost, since I like em for the language used, there I'ver got to give Mel some thumbs up, at least for that, when nothing else gives that notion); 300 (well visually stunning and with some nice impressions, the rest you might know yourself); Lemony Snicket's: A Series Of Unfortunate Events (again, I loved the visual part, if you keep me hooked with that, I'll enjoy. Movies is cool too); Mirrormask (nice look to it and nice little story); Legend (well as I said, Fantasy...); Pitch Black & Chronicles of Riddick (liked the character, especially the voice); Beowulf & Grendel (that is some great movie, far better and a bit more authentic (:-D) then The 13th Warrior, here Gerard Butler can run his schottish accent up and down the ladder, which I like very much); Amelie (ahh, that movie was pretty great and somehow I coulöd very much relate to that women, a nice little movie, with some lovely crazyness in it); Devil's Advocate (nice story and an asskicking Pacino); Analyze this (loved DeNiro in this one), Twillight(gotta admit, I'm a sucker for this dark romantic theme and I kinda can relate to both main persons :-)), A Bronx Tale (I can always watch these kinds o movies, gotta be good on some level though).

Music: here too, let's boil down to those that matter somehow right now. Alice in Chains (just stumbled upon a couple of month back); Tool (one of my altime favourites, best sound so far), Pantera, Metallica (never leaves my sound, even if it takes some month to come back), Shakuhachi - the japanese flute, just bought me some Prodigy, Loreena McKennit, Medieval Babes, Ennio Morricone Music (mostly the Italo-Western ones), some sountrack here and there (300, last unicorn, house of the flying daggers, omen and some others), STOMP (really good, I work with most of the stuff they make music with, very inspirational), italian songs like "Lasciate mi cantare", which I sing pretty loudly at work some times :-), Kataklysm & John Zorn (yes, I have the crazy jazz guy and this ones crazy grind core band on one level, since I defy the seperation of these two chaotic styles), Meshuggah (for a couple of months now and I simply love this band, Tomas Haake is a real inspiration on the drums), System of a Down (dude, this is the shit, superb dynamic metal perfectly fused together and with the right amount of crazyness too).

Food: Pasta is mendatory a lot of fruits, nuts and other whole foods. I'm very much into nutrition, although I'm cutting short on investing time there, since I did this quite enough.

Books: a whole bunch of books around buddhism, taoism, zen and the like: at the moment The Tao is Silent and What the Buddha taught (all time favorite, which I always like to read again); on laws (which I need for my work in workers counsel); A bunch of books like: Synaptic Self: How Our Brains Become Who We Are; A very cool book about the relation of stress on our genes (meaning the part of genes active in our everyday live, in the example of genes that are activated in stress reactions and trigger all after effects)very nice read; Descartes' Error and Looking for Spinoza, both interesting books feelings and emotions, both are on my little book tower ready to be read. Also, I have a little collection on Oxford Books about English mostly (which I sadly don't read enough, since I could use some more practice, but somehow I love these bookds, especially the compact edition of the Oxford Dictionary, kinda like 20 books or smething stuffed in two, sometimes you need the magnifying glass to read it properly) and some other lingustic books (Old & Middle English, Old Icelandic and some other stuff).

Thoughts: I'm, what I call, somewhat of a italo-taoist with a little touch of buddhist in it. Well, something of my own I guess and I do have some strange outlook of life but still keep it changing and growing. Life is great in the end, even if a bunch of issues keep me a bit on the downlow from time to time. Still, gotta keep on going. :-)