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Thanks Ines for pokng me, it's been quite some time. :-)

Well, life, I do always wonder, seeing how much we do know from Neurology/Neuropsychology these days, does it take away this special feeling about life, its sense in the big scheme of things, the importance, the elevation humans always striven upon? For me it doesn't. Yes, maybe you can take, religion, love, destiny, and whatever other important life fulfilling thing out there, and put it in another perspective. Maybe it wound sound more down to earth that way. But you re right in there and the great thing about it is, that you have the chance to live it. To strife on life itself, on the struggle and the sad, same as on the happy and the reward you'll have from succeeding.

Can you be happy and a intelligent "animal" at the same time? Sometimes. If all goes well, a little more happy than unhappy most of the time. But that in itself and a sense of belonging to exactly your stream of life in a huge stream down the river can be fulfilling.

So, yeah to life and yeah to all of you co-livers out there. :-)

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