Roberto (greatfenris) wrote,


First, before I post a whole Song from them, a solo from the drumnmer Tomas Haake (the greatest imho) and the bassist Dick Lovgren. This shows what's so great about this band. Haake is the machine that keeps them going, don't care if it's syncopated, polyrhythmic or polymetric (I can't tell most of time ;-))

Now, one has to go beyond the superficial here, otherwise one cannot catch some of the greatness here :-) or will be beaten over the head


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    That is a great version you won't hear that often. Vivaldi meets Dave Lombardo (Slayer drummer). It has a slight jazzy touch to it

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    great! Rhythm genius!

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    Thanks Ines for pokng me, it's been quite some time. :-) Well, life, I do always wonder, seeing how much we do know from Neurology/Neuropsychology…

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