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It's been a while

It did take me some time to come back to write something and as my mood is these days, I'm not into writing right away. For long I felt pathetic enough being who I am and knowing it pretty well, no need to go around writing and talking about it. But, I don't see it all that gloomy right now and sharing can be kinda cool. :-)

What touches me mostly these days is music in it's many facetts. This is what I want to share with you now.

The more pensive approach. Satie's music has this subtle grip on it, uneasy sometimes and then also very soothing and then again very thought provoking.


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    That is a great version you won't hear that often. Vivaldi meets Dave Lombardo (Slayer drummer). It has a slight jazzy touch to it

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    great! Rhythm genius!

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    Thanks Ines for pokng me, it's been quite some time. :-) Well, life, I do always wonder, seeing how much we do know from Neurology/Neuropsychology…

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